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Dear Taxacomers,

The National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity=20
(CONABIO) has among its fundamental tasks, to compile and synthesize the=20
information of Mexico=B4s biodiversity to assess  governmental=20
institutions, decision makers, scientists, and general public. To=20
accomplish these commitments, CONABIO has implemented mechanisms to bring=
together updated information concerning species distributions, population=
status, habitat and natural ecosystems integrity, as well as information=20
related to the use of natural resources.  This is done specially through=20
inventories, databases, and networking.  CONABIO has developed also=20
methods to compile and standardize this information, which constitute the=
National Biodiversity Information System (SNIB).  Likewise, CONABIO has=20
also the role of  focal point for the Clearing House Mechanism of the=20
Biological Biodiversity Convention.

Biodiversity information tends to be widely scattered in many national=20
and foreign institutions, that is why CONABIO has focused most of its=20
efforts in obtaining taxonomic and biogeographical information from=20
diverse institutions.  During the last  five years, CONABIO has obtained=20
raw  taxonomic data of 5,000,000 specimens, housed in several collections,=
in magnetic formats.  Part of these data are repatriated information of=20
approximately half a million specimens housed in many American and=20
European collections or natural history museums. =20

Since many specimens have been collected in Mexico by foreign scientists,=
CONABIO is looking forward to complete the SNIB with the information of=20
those specimens housed abroad.  Every record in the SNIB gives the credit=
to the provider of information. =20

Considering this background,  I would appreciate very much if you could=20
answer some of our questions: How many Mexican specimens are housed in=20
your institution? Which groups do they include? Are your collections=20
organized in electronic databases?  Are you interested in participating=20
with CONABIO to consolidate the SNIB?

I look forward for your answer. Thank you very much for your attention.


Dr. Laura Arriaga
Technical Director of Priorities and Analysis=20

You can answer directly to this e-mail or by fax to the address below

Fernandez Leal 43 Barrio de la Concepcion, Coyoacan
Mexico, D. F. 04020
Tel (525) 422-3500
Fax (525) 422-3531

e-mail: pkoleff at

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