On track for another NSF-PEET competition

James E. Rodman jrodman at NSF.GOV
Thu Oct 8 13:09:42 CDT 1998

Third Special Competition in Systematic Biology:
Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy (PEET)

U.S. National Science Foundation

The bureaucratic wheels grind slowly, but it appears that we will
be able to run a third PEET competition at NSF, with a March 1,
1999 deadline. It will probably take another month or so before the
official announcement is posted on the NSF homepage (www.nsf.gov).
Please check for this if you are interested. Meanwhile, the
previous version of the PEET solicitation (NSF 97-21) is available
from the PEET website maintained at the University of Kansas
Natural History Museum (at www.nhm.ukans.edu/~peet). Please refer
to it for general guidance on the criteria and guidelines for this
3-part activity in Systematic Biology (taxonomic monography;
training new experts; computer infrastructure).
     Also, be aware that for the third competition, proposals must
be submitted electronically via the NSF FastLane system. Guidance
and explanation for this are provided through the FastLane website
at NSF, www.fastlane.nsf.gov, which can also be reached from the
NSF homepage, and then clicking on FastLane.
     This "heads up" is intended to give interested parties time to
develop and plan any proposal they may be contemplating in the PEET
framework. We will post specific information as soon as we learn of
the official announcement.

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