New and revised listing of suprageneric names for extant vascular plants

Mon Sep 14 05:51:00 CDT 1998

An "Alphabetical Listing by Genera of Validly Published Suprageneric Names" is
now available on the WWW. Listed are all validly published, suprageneric names
at and above the rank of family based on a generic stem proposed from 1753 to
the present known to me. Suprageneric names below the rank of family (e.g.,
subfamily, tribe and subtribe) published from 1753 to approximately 1885
encountered in my review of the literature are listed also. Each entry
consists of the name, authorship and place of publication. For example:

Aster L. (1753)
Class Asteropsida Brongn., Enum. Pl. Mus. Paris: xvii, 32. 12 Aug 1843
Subclass Asteridae Takht., Sist. Filog. Cvetk. Rast.: 405. Jan-Mar 1967.
Superorder Asteranae Takht., Sist. Filog. Cvetk. Rast.: 451. Jan-Mar 1967.
Order Asterales Lindl., Nix. Pl.: 20. 17 Sep 1833.
Suborder Asterineae Burnett, Outl. Bot.: 901, 1111. Jun 1835 (Asterosae).
Fam. Asteraceae Dumort., Comment. Bot.: 55. Nov-Dec 1822 (Astereae), nom.
Fam. Compositae Giseke, Prael. Ord. Nat. Pl.: 538. Apr 1792, nom. cons.
Subfam. Asteroideae (Cass.) Lindl. in J.C. Loudon, Encycl. Pl.: 1074. 1829
Tribe Astereae Cass., J. Phys. Chim. Hist. Nat. 88: 195. Mar 1819.
Subtribe Asterinae (Cass.) Dumort., Fl. Belg.: 66. 1827 (Astereae).

A revised and up-dated version of the "Index Nominum supragenericorum
Plantarum Vascularium" database will be available shortly. The dynamic
database will include information on the validation of each name and will be
searchable by generic, family or taxon name. Unlike the present version, newly
found names will be available immediately.

James L. Reveal (MARY)

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