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        The Cornell University Insect Collection is arguably the largest University-based insect collection--and certainly the taxonomically most diverse collection--in North America, housing somewhere over 5 million pinned specimens representing extensive diversity in nearly all insect Orders.   The Collection's foundations rest on the contributions of Cornell entomologists such as John Henry Comstock, James G. Needham, J. Chester Bradley, W.T.M. Forbes, Henry Dietrich, Howard E. Evans, Laverne L. Pechuman, George C. Eickwort, and John G. Franclemont.  The diverse interests of these professors ensures a broad taxonomic base for the Collection.

        In an effort to expand the utility of the Collection to the World's entomological community, the CUIC personnel are happy to announce the reopening of their website.  The primary purpose of the site is to make information available on-line for type holdings, and for holdings in selected taxa for which electronic data summaries have been compiled.  We hope such information will stimulate researchers to utilize our material, and as such, we look forward to loaning specimens useful for systematic research.

        The CUIC has historically accessioned both paratypes and holotypes, and so information is available for both classes of type.  Paratype loans are treated as per any non-type material, with a 2-year loan period.  Holotypes are loaned for renewable periods of two months.  For several taxa--Scarabaeidae, Lepidoptera, Mantidae--a generic-level database provides a searchable summary of our holdings.  The site also includes textual summaries of the important aspects of collections for other insect Orders and taxa, and a brief history of the CUIC.

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