luminescent freshwater animals?

Doug Yanega dyanega at MONO.ICB.UFMG.BR
Mon Sep 21 15:49:52 CDT 1998

By a remarkable coincidence, on Friday I was reading the closing page of
Walter Linsenmaier's book "Insects of the World", and the very last
sentence of the book states that aquatic lampyrid larvae in Asia, in the
genus Luciola, are the only luminescent freshwater animals.
Today, a botany professor here brought me an aquatic lampyrid larva
(obviously a snail-feeding species) he just collected in the Rio Doce State
Park on Friday night, which - if Linsenmaier was right - would be the
second known case.

Is there anyone out there who can confirm or deny this claim? Anyone have
Jim Lloyd's e-mail handy?

Thanks in advance,

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