Frederick J. Peabody fpeabody at USD.EDU
Mon Sep 21 18:02:51 CDT 1998

There is a certain group of fungi (I don't recal the name) that have
"glow-in-the-dark" properties.  They are commonly called "Foxfire."  This also
would explain the decomposed state of the wood.
F.J. Peabody

Robin W. Scribailo wrote:

> Speaking of luminescence,
> I had a student come in the other day and ask about luminenscent dead tree
> roots. He said they had taken the tree down and were out late at night to
> discover the roots of the tree just glowing even when placed in your hand.
> The wood of the roots just disintegrated when handled. Is this just
> possibly autofluorescence or caused by some kind of organism.
> Cheers,
> Robin
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