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Jan Bosselaers wrote:
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> Rodney S. Hanley wrote:
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> > Again speaking of luminescence,
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> > Robin Scribailo's description of luminescent tree roots made me think=
> > the "Jack-O-Lantern" mushroom (Omphalotus illudens) found throughout
> > most of eastern US.  This fungus often grows in enormous clusters at =
> > base of stumps and on buried roots (often common in gardens and lawns=
> > of oaks and other deciduous trees.  When the fungus is fresh (typical=
> > in the fall), the gills glow a bright greenish-yellow.  Pretty cool a=
> > somewhat ominous when you stumbled upon a clump in dark forest.
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> In Europe we have Armillaria mellea which frequently parasitises on tre=
> trunks. The mushrooms themselves are not luminescent, but the mycelium
> in the wood is. As Wakefield and Dennis write in "Common British Fungi"=

> (p. 124): "Another interesting feature of this fungus is that the
> mycelium when actively growing is luminous"
> I saw this myself long ago at night in a wood, and it is ominous
> indeed.  I know that Armillaria caligata occurs in Eastern North
> America. Maybe this fungus has similar properties.
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> Cheers,
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> Jan

        Dear all,

        I aggree with the suggestions related to Armillaria as the responsible
organism for the observed luminescence.

        Only a supplementary detail concerning the possibility of involving
'Armillaria' caligata. It is not possible, since this species is not an
Armillaria in the sense of the Armillaria mellea group. It is a veiled
species of the genus Tricholoma (all the veiled, white-spored agaricoid
species have once been called 'Armillaria' in the wide original
meaning), which, as far as I know, is not involved in luminescence

        Best regards and cheers !

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