Date of Schousboe's Iagttag. preprint

Piers Trehane dvader at INDHORT.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Sep 24 11:44:02 CDT 1998

Dear Taxacomers,
I am trying to establish the date of the preprint of Peder Kofod Anker
Schousboe's Iagttagelser over Vextriget i Marokko.
Staflau & Cowen 4: 310 gives scant details of this work and state that
the preprint was dated 1800.  Does anyone have access to a library copy
with an accession/cataloguing date so that the date can be narrowed a
bit more?
I would be glad to hear from anyone who has researched this.
Thanks in advance,
Piers Trehane
Piers Trehane

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