Zip drives, etc.

Jeet Sukumaran jeetsukumaran at PD.JARING.MY
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I myself use an iomega Zip drive as my primary backup, and have been doing
so for three years now.  So far, so good (knock on wood).  However, I have
heard countless times, from a variety of sources (personal, both electronic
and "dead tree" articles etc.) some rather unsettling reports on the drive.
Without any warning, the drive might develop what is known as the "click of
death."  Goodbye drive.  No repair possible.  No refund.  No replacement.
This does not happen to all drives --- just some, and, as far that has been
ascertained, for no reason whatsoever (natural selection lottery? :) )

    In addition, I iomega is supposed to have some of the worst customer
service and after-sales on the planet --- they in fact recently faced and
lost a law suit over this.  Now, once again, this is largely hearsay and
second hand info --- I have not dealt with their customer service because I
have never had (and hope never to have) reason to do so.  Furthurmore,
whether their customer service has improved since their losing the lawsuit I
don't know (I think that there is a link regarding this on their website).

I opted for the iomega zip system for the main reason that you are
considering it --- its widespread use.  Despite all the above, personally, I
have found it reliable and useful.  I do not know anything at all about the
other system, so I cannot recommend it directly.  All the same, given its
flexibility, price and higher capacity as per your description, it appears
that it has got a lot mpre going for it than the iomega.  If your plan is to
have a system for (a) personal archival and (b) simply ferrying from (say) a
machine at home to your machine in the office, then I think that the fact
that everyone else uses iomega should not be an issue if the LS-120 is
portable, dependable and hassle-free to setup/unsetup.   As far as iomega
goes (portable=++, dependable=?, hassle-free=+): just because everyone uses
it, does not mean that it is either good or suitable for you(Windows

-- jeet

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Subject: Zip drives, etc.

>I am looking for a portable system for transfering info between machines
>and for backing up directories, etc.  I have a limited budget (about
>$250.00) and have identified two candidates, recommended by folks in our
>dept. of info tech.  One is a Zip drive and the other is an Imation
>LS-120.  The later has several potential advantages: can read/write
>standard 3.5 disks, has greater storage capacity, and is less expensive;
>the former, however, is more widely used.
>I assume some readers of this list will have experiences with one or the
>other of these drives.  Does anyone know of a compelling reason to
>choose or avoid either drive?
>Thanks for any advice.
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