Zip drives, etc.

Una Smith una.smith at YALE.EDU
Mon Sep 28 18:16:54 CDT 1998

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Richard Jensen wrote:

>I am looking for a portable system for transfering info between machines
>and for backing up directories, etc.  I have a limited budget (about
>$250.00) and have identified two candidates, recommended by folks in our
>dept. of info tech.  One is a Zip drive and the other is an Imation

I have never heard of the second product, but I have been a satisfied
Zip drive user for several years.  Zip disks formatted for PCs can be
read and written to on Macs, so this product is very handy for cross-
platform tasks.  Also, there are a lot of Zip drives "out there", so I
can easily port my stuff from my own machines to almost anywhere else,
including the local photocopy shop and out-of-state publishers.  I use
enough high-resolution pictures that sending a Zip disk is far more
efficient and practical than ftp (yikes, heresy!) now that everyone
else has discovered the Internet.

The lawsuit over Iomega customer support was because Iomega would not
discuss your problem until you paid, preferably by credit card, for
the service.  So some people were made to pay just to ask *if* Iomega
could help them.  This is contrary to the computing industry custom in
the US (but quite normal in some other countries where I have had to
deal with sick computers).  Iomega is not alone in doing this, by the

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