Zip drives, etc.

Richard E. Hill REHill at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Sep 30 21:39:50 CDT 1998

Another option is a CD writer.  I got one for $299 US.  Works great.  CD writer
+ 3 gigabytes of memory costs about $304 plus tax (1 recordable CD =650 megs and
costs $0.75-1.50 US).  A zip drive costs about $150 (depending on the model),
one gig of storage costs about $100 plus tax.  So a zip drive and 3 gigs storage
costs about $450.  I'll bet more people have CD readers than zip readers.
Notice that software companies are not shipping programs on zip disks?  You want
to mail out a $10 zip disk or a $1 CD?  CDs are reported to have better archival
qualities than most media.  Your mileage may vary.

Jeet Sukumaran wrote:

> Hi!
> I myself use an iomega Zip drive as my primary backup, and have been doing
> so for three years now.  So far, so good (knock on wood).  However, I have
> heard countless times, from a variety of sources (personal, both electronic
> and "dead tree" articles etc.) some rather unsettling reports on the drive.
> Without any warning, the drive might develop what is known as the "click of
> death."  Goodbye drive.  No repair possible.  No refund.  No replacement.
> This does not happen to all drives --- just some, and, as far that has been
> ascertained, for no reason whatsoever (natural selection lottery? :) )
>     In addition, I iomega is supposed to have some of the worst customer
> service and after-sales on the planet --- they in fact recently faced and
> lost a law suit over this.  Now, once again, this is largely hearsay and
> second hand info --- I have not dealt with their customer service because I
> have never had (and hope never to have) reason to do so.  Furthurmore,
> whether their customer service has improved since their losing the lawsuit I
> don't know (I think that there is a link regarding this on their website).

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