soft-launch of new Botany (BM) WebPages

Dylan Fuller d.fuller at NHM.AC.UK
Fri Sep 18 16:31:51 CDT 1998

Dear All,

The Department of Botany (BM) of The Natural History Museum in London, is
happy to announce the "soft-launch" of new departmental WebPages. These
include general information about the department (including contact info
and areas of research) and two on-line databases.

Botany Dept (BM), The Natural History Museum in London URL:

Las Cuevas Research Station, Belize URL:

On-line databases include: Scrophulariaceae Names Index (19,000+ records)
and an our Orchid specimen database (over 30,000 records, World-wide
coverage minus Europe & the UK) Access the databases via URL:

We will be updating these WebPages with additional content and other
databases (including Belize material, Algal type catalogues, historic
specimens with images and more) in the near future, so please re-visit our
WebPages as you have time. And please send me any comments and suggestion
you might have.

Dylan Fuller

Dylan Fuller                    Systems & Database Manager
Department of Botany (BM)               Tel: (44) 171-938-9235
The Natural History Museum              FAX: (44) 171-938-9260
Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

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