SI addresses

Sally Shelton Shelton.Sally at NMNH.SI.EDU
Mon Sep 21 08:45:59 CDT 1998

The Smithsonian NMNH server has been plagued with problems for the past =
several months. This may have resulted in problems with messages being =
bounced from our addresses, automatic closure of subscriptions needlessly, =
mismatch of our actual addresses with the ones being sent out by the =
server, etc.=20

The following is the correct address for me and is still the correct =
format for anyone who has given it to you in the recent past:

<Shelton.Sally at>

If you have anything from the following address or in the following =
format, it may be an incorrect server-added glitch (check with your =
correspondent) and should be removed for everyone's peace of mind:

<Shelton.Sally at>

If you receive a return message from any SI address that says "Account =
terminated" or "Account closed," it probably isn't.=20

On behalf of several dozen very frustrated SI users starved for corresponde=
nce, could you please double-check before automatically dropping any SI =
subscriber for the next few weeks?

Many thanks.

Cheers, Sally Shelton

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