Electronic Access to collection databases

Mary Seddon (NMGW, Cardiff) Mary.Seddon at NMGW.AC.UK
Thu Sep 24 18:52:04 CDT 1998

Dear all,

I am seeking some data (anything!!) to help with getting our
Molluscan database server onto the Internet.

Our server carries data on all types recognised in the collection, and
all bivalves in the collection, and will be rolled out to the current
databases in Marine and Non-marine gastropods soon.

Searching will be possible under locality, systematics and source of
the collection.

Does anyone who has data currently accessible on the web in this way
have any information on the number of hits per month/year, and
different countries accessing data this way?

Any responses appreciated!

Thank you
Dr. Mary Seddon
Head of Mollusca
Biodiversity & Systematic Biology
National Museum of Wales
Cathays Park
Mary.Seddon at nmgw.ac.uk
Tel 44-1222-573-343 (Direct)
Fax  44-1222-239-009

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