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Subject:      Colombian Botanical Congress I

Colombian Botanical Congress I
     26-30 April, 1999

     The Institute of Natural Sciences of the National University of
     Colombia is pleased to announce the inaugural meeting of the Colombian
     Botanical Congress. The Congress will convene in Santafe de Bogota on
     April 26-30, 1999. Botanists, Biologists and all others with an
     interest in the natural sciences are invited to attend, regardless of

     Symposia will be held in the following subject areas:

     -Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Conservation
     -Taxonomy, Systematic and Evolution
     -Cellular and Molecular Biology
     -Ethnobiology and Economic Botany
     -Structural Botany

     If you would like to organize a round table discussion or any special
     interest group meeting at the Congress, please send a proposal
     including the discussion topic and the name of the principal

     If you need any additional information please contact Jaime Aguirre
     C., Subdirector de Investigaciones-Instituto de Ciencias Naturales:
     jaguirre at

     Pre-registration and information:
     congreso at

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