Zip drives, etc.

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Mon Sep 28 09:02:49 CDT 1998

I am looking for a portable system for transfering info between machines
and for backing up directories, etc.  I have a limited budget (about
$250.00) and have identified two candidates, recommended by folks in our
dept. of info tech.  One is a Zip drive and the other is an Imation
LS-120.  The later has several potential advantages: can read/write
standard 3.5 disks, has greater storage capacity, and is less expensive;
the former, however, is more widely used.

I assume some readers of this list will have experiences with one or the
other of these drives.  Does anyone know of a compelling reason to
choose or avoid either drive?

Thanks for any advice.

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