-i or -ii? (ICZN)

Margaret K. Thayer mthayer at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
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Thomas Pape (Hello, Thomas!) wrote in part:

>The spelling "tschudi" would be grammatically incorrect (Article 31a ii).
>That of "tschudii" is correct and emendation would be mandatory.
No, the preceding article, 31a i, explains derivation of names from
latinized modern personal names (which must indeed follow Latin grammar),
but Article 31a ii explicitly *allows* formation
        "directly from a modern personal name ... by adding to the stem of that
        name -i if the personal name is that of a man, -orum if of men or of man
        (men) and woman (women) together, -ae if of a woman, and -arum if of
        women; ... the stem of such a name is determined by the action of the
        original author when forming the genitive."
The examples provided with Article 31a ii are Poda giving podai, Victor
giving victori, and Cuvier giving cuvieri, and "Also puckridgei and
puckridgi may be formed from Puckridge."

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