Federal Taxonomy Standard

Allison R. Brigham abrigham at USGS.GOV
Tue Sep 1 08:53:35 CDT 1998

In response to Amelie Scheltema's comments (below) concerning the taxonomic
volumes published by the American Fisheries Society (to date, North
American fishes, mollusks, cnidarians and decapod crustaceans; benthic
invertebrates in progress for some time):

The Integrated Taxonomic Information System(ITIS) Committee (
http://www.itis.usda.gov/itis/ ) agrees completely.

We have worked with Donna Turgeon and the AFS, as well as taxonomists
throughout the United States (see earlier TAXACOM messages discussing the
TRED or Taxonomic Resources Expertise Directory accessible via www.nbii.gov
or the ITIS web site), BIOSIS UK, Species 2000 and many others to ensure
that we do not use our limited financial and human resources re-doing what
our colleagues have already accomplished.

Taxonomic specialists are encouraged to contact any member of the ITIS
committee with his/her comments, data sources, or willingness to
participate in our effort.

Allison Brigham
U.S. Geological Survey
National Water Quality Laboratory
Biological Quality Assurance Unit
abrigham at usgs.gov

Dear all,

          There is already a standard government list, now in its 2nd
          edition, for Common and Scientific Names of Aquatic
          Invertebrates [land, fresh, and marine] from the United
          States and Canada.  I am familiar with the mollusk volume.

          Has anyone considered using these volumes? I for one would
          not like to have to once again produce a valid species list
          for a different government standard list. And the same could
          probably be said for other molluscan taxonomists who were
          involved in the mollusk volume.

          Amelie Scheltema
          Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
          Woods Hole, MA 02543

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