Standardized name list

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Wed Sep 2 16:34:44 CDT 1998

My inclination is to share the concerns expressed by Cliff Wetmore. From what I
already understand about Federal bureaucracies dealing with other matters
regulation of scientific activity, we would be faced with inflexible, and
often times,
absurd constraints. The track record is not good enough for me to feel
confident about
the proposed list.

In my own field of Entomology I would observe that Robert Poole and
Patricia Gentili
have already completed the Nomina Insecta Nearctica which at least provides a
broad and useful reference list for a large group of organisms in North America
north of Mexico. It seems to me that for
insects of North America at least, the task of formulating a list is
already done, and
no doubt similar accomplishments are evident for other groups. In these days of
computers etc. there seems to be sufficient scope for those suitably
inclined to develop
lists that provide for ready reference and updating without involving some
kind of
"official" list. If due care is taken to identify and name taxa, the need
for an official
list does not seem to me to be warranted, but I appreciate that others will

John Grehan

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