Yasuhiro Asai

Michael Vincent vincenma at CASMAIL.MUOHIO.EDU
Fri Sep 4 14:09:42 CDT 1998

Dear Taxocomers:  I am in search of an address (email or snail mail)
for a botanist in Japan named Yasuhiro Asai, author of articles on
introduced plant species in Japan, including 'Miscellaneous Notes on
the Naturalized Flora of Japan', a series of articles in the Journal
of Japanese Botany.

If anyone know this botanist, I would greatly appreciate receiving a
message about how to contact Dr. Asai!

Thank you.

M.A. Vincent

Dr. Michael A. Vincent, Curator    TEL: 513-529-2755
W.S. Turrell Herbarium (MU)        FAX: 513-529-4243
Department of Botany
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio 45056 USA
Email: Vincenma at MUOhio.edu

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