Addendum: cladophobia

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 14 07:57:04 CDT 1998

         If you define cladophobia as "the fear of what strict cladists
have done to biological classification in the last 30 years", then I
definitely have it.  It is cladism I dislike, not cladistic analysis
(which I use all the time).  As I stated in the last line of my 1994
     "Meanwhile, the author hopes that this book will promote the
positive attribues of cladistics at the same time it attempts to
eliminate the undesirable side effects of the unbridled use of this
valuable tool in classification (and being a tool, cladistics should
serve us, not tie out hands)."
     Furthermore, I bent over backwards in my book to accomodate the
needs of both cladists and eclecticists.  If strict cladists would read
the book, they would find it contains a simple new convention that
allows paraphyletic groups without the loss of cladistic sister group
information.  If anyone finds the term paraphylophobia insulting, I am
sorry, but I just want strict cladists to reexamine their beliefs after
considering what The Kinman System has set out to accomplish.  If your
library doesn't have this book, perhaps you can get it on interlibrary
loan from Princeton, Cornell, Yale, or other libraries that do have it.
                                    Sincerely, Ken Kinman

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