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Just checked the TAXACOM archive at:

to see if the summary referenced below was produced and the archive
seems to be limited to January of 1998.  Is there an updated URL for
the archive?

Date:          Wed, 27 May 1998 15:58:07 -0400
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Subject:       Your favorite query ??
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We would greatly appreciate about 2 minutes of your time to help us with a
collections catalog database design project.

Imagine that there are numerous zoological museum and herbarium collection
catalogs on the Internet to which you could simultaneously ask a query and
receive, in response, the matching data records from all of the collections
in one batch.

The databases would have all of the usual specimen data in them, i.e. all
of the information that is found on a collection label along with the
higher taxonomic categories that apply to the specimen.

What would be a useful query (or queries) for your work?

Express the query (queries) any way you like. Thanks in advance.

Please respond directly to jhbeach at   I will summarize for the list.


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