final thoughts on this thread

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 15 07:14:21 CDT 1998

     This is my final message for this particular thread, for we could
go on and on and others are probably already weary of it.
     Unless you have seen my book, we can't possibly discuss its merits
of the Kinman System in any effective manner, so if your university
doesn't have the book, try to get it on Interlibrary loan.
     As for the Three Domains, false assumptions and circular reasoning,
have rendered the subject of bacterial evolution both imprecise and
inaccurate.  Data is flooding in from whole genome projects, and still
we see bacteriologists baffled by all kinds of incongruencies that are
more apparent than real.
     I would be happy to discuss these matters by private e-mail, but
this thread has become tiresome.  I must get back to fossil arthropods
(fascinating, but a systematist's nightmare).
                                              Sincerely, Ken Kinman

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