Andreas Gminder agminder at STUTTGART.NETSURF.DE
Tue Sep 22 00:58:29 CDT 1998

Dear Robin,

The luminescence of roots, old wood and similar substrat is most
probably caused by the mycelium of Armillaria spec. (a. lutea s.l.,
which is known to be luminescent. At least the mycelium of A. ostoyae (=
obscura, = polymyces) is with certainty luminescent, the other species
I'm not sure of.

The suggestion Omphalotus olearius by Rodney is correct what concerns
the carpophores. But it's only the gills that are giving the light, not
the rest of the carpophor, nor the mycelium.

best wishes to all

hope you too have that much fungi as we have at the moment. It's quite
difficult to walk through the forest without stepping on them ...

Andreas Gminder
Stuttgart - Germany

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