-i or -ii? (ICZN)

W.Wuster w.wuster at BANGOR.AC.UK
Tue Sep 29 16:41:57 CDT 1998

Just a quick question:=20

If an animal is named after a gentleman with a name ending in -i (e.g.,
Tschudi), then the complete species name presumably should end in -ii
(i.e., tschudii). Would a name failing to conform to this require
emendation, or does this fall within the remit of Article 33(d), and
require no action?

Thanks for any responses.

Wolfgang W=FCster
School of Biological Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor, UK
e-mail: w.wuster at bangor.ac.uk   WWW: http://sbsweb.bangor.ac.uk/

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