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Sean Edwards mzfses at MAIL1.MCC.AC.UK
Wed Sep 30 11:57:45 CDT 1998

This is exactly my problem. Or it was.

Files get bigger in number and size (not least because of translating
old files from old wordprocessors such as WordStar, to WordPerfect,
to MS Word, each time the same file doing the same thing grows out of
all reason).

I used to back up on a few 3.5" floppies, which grew to a box of ten
(or twelve if you squeeze, one for each directory), which I lugged
about in my briefcase, plus three or four more floppies for stuff
that wouldn't fit. It's all very well saying you only need to back up
the files you've updated that day, but human nature means that you
never remember which they were.

Backing up to the file-server only took a few seconds (we always do
this as routine at work, using the 4-DOS or Take Command "/u" update
switch), so get networked at home I thought and update from the
University server and bin the floppies. BUT: 37 minutes just to
compare files, before replacing even one, via the fasted modem I
could afford and British Telecom twinflex..

The answer lay in the LS-120. It really is brilliant and does all it
says it will. Except problems with Windows 95A (at work) and earlier
operating systems which I am told have to use DOS drivers and a 110
MB back up takes maybe 10 minutes. At home with Windows 95B it is
almost instantaneous, maybe 10-plus seconds. Minor quibbles or not,
it has solved my problems and I recommend it.


PS the security-blanket feeling of having a backup of all your data
on a single floppy is something I haven't experience for a very long

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