John Nelson nelson at BIOL.SC.EDU
Fri Apr 2 17:18:20 CST 1999

FRI 2 Apr 5:00p


        It appears that our university's main library is eager to develop a
display concerning the history of Camellia cultivation in the USA,
featuring information on the importation of this plant from the Orient
into Europe and America. Our library wants to feature herbarium material
in this display...a request which I will be happy for my Dean to know

        So I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in a
short-term exchange of Camellia specimens with USCH, if you have access
to "wild" material, or "wild" taxa grown in cultivation. I would be
interested in old material (duplicates, perhaps), as well as specimens
that would be collected in the near future. In return I would be happy
to send you plants from my area.

        Maybe best to respond to me directly-

        Thanks JOHN NELSON

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