Pollination of Cercis

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Thu Apr 8 10:03:18 CDT 1999

>Dear Taxacomer,
>I went to observe the pollination of a Chinese endemic species, Cercis
>chuniana, during the last four days and found that it is pollinated by a
>large bee (Identification is yet to be done). I am also planning to study
>the pollination of other Chinese species next year (it is too late this
>year). I'll be very happy to see people studying the pollination of the
>American and European species.

Native Cercis species in N. America (including Mexico) have a large number
(ca. 40 spp.) of bee pollinators, but most are very broad generalists;
among the few that seem to be both abundant and likely to be *reliable*
pollinating visitors to Cercis are various species of Colletes, Andrena,
and Osmia, possibly also some Synhalonia. I'd rather suspect your large
Chinese bee will prove to be either an Osmia or a Xylocopa.


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