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On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Stuart G. Poss wrote:
> Rikard Osmundsen wrote:
> Rikard:
> In zoological collections, it is not uncommon to still find type
> materials among specimens in the general collection.  Yes, the entire
> animal must be regarded as a syntype and should be so labeled, if in
> fact it is a syntype, unless a lectotype for this species has been
> designated (see ICZN Article 73(ii), in which case it and any other
> syntypes are no longer syntypes, even if the lectotype has been
> subsquently lost or destroyed.
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        Although I almost always agree with everything Dr. Stuart Poss says, I
cannot agree with his statement that syntypes stop becoming syntypes when a
lectotype is desginated.

        The syntypes remain syntypes as they were
designated by the original author of the species.  However, the members of
the syntype series that are not part of the "Lectotype" now have a new
designation aplied to them, namely, "Paralectotypes."  Article 74.
Lectotypes.  Recommendation 74E.  Paralectotypes.  A zoologist who
designates a lectotype should clearly lavbel any remaining syntypes with the
designation "paralectotype."

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