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After reviewing the brief program descriptions outlined below, please=20
consider offering these opportunities to Students, Faculty, Staff and
other interested parties....detailed itineraries are available upon
request. Thank you.


Mike Nolan

Rainforest and Reef Conservation Fund 501 (c)(3) non-profit
29 Prospect NE Suite #8
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 USA
Phone/Fax: (616) 776-5928/E-mail: rainforest at mail.org

*Sites: Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and
southeast Alaska

*Workshops are field oriented and focus on natural history, rainforest
and marine ecology, conservation, land management, medicinal uses of
native plants, local cultures, archaeology and geology
*Instruction features local Biologists and naturalist Guides
*Proceeds go to organization operating Workshops in each country and
help support valuable conservation and education projects
*Three Undergraduate or Graduate credits in the Natural Sciences or
Education are available for attending through Aquinas College of Grand
Rapids, Michigan (www.aquinas.edu)

*Workshops are sponsored by the Rainforest and Reef Conservation Fund, a
501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

*During 1998 our Workshops included participants from 40 states, 4
Canadian Provinces, England, South Africa, Australia and Brazil. Forty
three universities were represented by faculty and students, along
science professionals, high school groups and lay people with an
interest in natural history and other topics covered in our programs.
For 1999 we presently have groups from Penn State, Purdue, University of
Maine, University of Connecticut, College of New Jersey, Muhlenberg
College of Pennsylvania, Calvin College of Michigan and a number of
junior colleges and high schools.


Length: 14 Days/13 Nights

Cost: $980.00 per person

Host/Course Coordinator: Belize Tropical Education Center/Tony Garel,
Belize City, Belize

Topics Covered:
*Tropical Moist Forest Ecology
*Marine Ecology
*Mayan Archaeology=20
*Garifuna Culture

*Community Baboon Sanctuary
*Chan Chich Lodge and surrounding tropical moist forest
*R=EDo Bravo Conservation and Management Area
*Chaa Creek Natural History Center and Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm=20
*Ix Chel Farm and Panti Medicinal Plant Trail=20
*Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve
*Garifuna drumming and dancing=20
*Mayan site of Xunantunich
*South Water Caye=20
*Great Barrier Reef of Belize and nearby marine ecosystems including,
grass beds, patch reefs, mangroves=20
*Sea bird rookeries

                                COSTA RICA

Length: 12 Days/11 Nights

Cost: $850.00 per person

Host/Course Coordinator: Juan Pablo Bello Carranza, Las Juntas, Costa

Topics Covered:
*Tropical Rainforest and Dry Forest Ecology
*Conservation and Land Management=20

*Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve
*International Children's Rainforest Reserve
*Santa Elena Cloudforest Reserve=20
*Arenal Volcano
*Palo Verde National Park=20
*Tempisque River trip
*Santa Rosa National Park=20
*Costa Rican cattle and dairy ranch=20
*Abangares gold mines, Ecological Museum and Butterfly Garden
*Reforestation project along banks of the Abangares River
*Mist-netting and study of vampire bats
*Evening presentations on local cultures, medicinal uses of rainforest
plants, sustainable uses of forests and Costa Rican history
*Post-Course extensions to Corcovado and Tortuguero National Parks=20


Length: 14 Days/13 Nights

Cost: $860.00 per person

Host/Course Coordinator: REHDES/Jerry Haylock, La Ceiba, Honduras

Topics Covered:
*Tropical Rainforest and Marine Ecology
*Conservation and Land Management=20
*Mayan Archaeology
*Garifuna Culture

*Mayan site of Copan
*Village of Tela and traditional Garifuna music and dance
*Lancetilla Botanical Garden and Research Center
*Jeannette Kawas National Park=20
*Cuero and Salado Wildlife Refuge
*Pico Bonito National Park
*Bay Island of Utila
*Marine ecosystems, including coral reefs, mangroves and tidal pools=20
*Evening presentations on conservation, rainforest and marine ecology
*Butterfly Farm and Museum=20
*White-Water Rafting on the Canjegral River
*Post-Course extension to La Mosquitia and the R=EDo Pl=E1tano Biosphere


Length: 14 Days/13 Nights

Cost: $1100.00 per person

Host/Course Coordinator: Win Rice, Panama City, Panama

Topics Covered:
*Tropical Rainforest and Marine Ecology
*Conservation and Land Management=20
*Indian Cultures

*Chagres National Park
*R.O.P.E. Course
*Mist-netting and study of birds and bats=20
*White-water rafting on the Piedres and Chagres Rivers
*Embera Indian village of Parara Puru
*Panama Viejo (old Panama City), colonial city and modern-day Panama
*Panama Canal
*El Cano Archaeological Park
*Bastimentos National Park and the Bocas del Toro Archipelago
*Marine ecosystems including, mangroves, grass beds and coral reefs=20
*Gnobe and Bugle Indian cultures
*La Fortuna Nature Reserve
*Highland mountain village of Boquete
*Baru Volcano and National Park
*Orchid, fruit and coffee plantations
*Evening presentations on tropical medicine/jungle first-aid and orchids
of Panama
*Post-Course partial and complete Panama Canal transits=20


Length: 14 Days/13 Nights

Cost: $1050.00 per person

Host/Course Coordinator: Jatun Sacha Foundation/Dr. Michael McColm,
Ph.D., Quito, Ecuador

Topics Covered:
*Tropical Rainforest Ecology
*Conservation and Land Management=20
*Quichua Indian Culture

*Andes Mountain Range
*Alpine and cloudforest ecosystems
*Jatun Sacha Biological Station and surrounding tropical rainforest
*Plant Conservation Center
*Solo experience in the rainforest=20
*Animal Rehabilitation Center
*Local Shaman's nursery, home visit and "cleansing" demonstration
*Quichua Indian village of Capirona=20
*Avenue of the Volcanoes =20
*Highland Indians and villages of Ecuador
*Evening presentations on a variety of rainforest and conservation
*Post-Course extension to the Gal=E1pagos Islands and/or Cuzco and the
Lost City of the Incas-Machu Picchu=20


Length: 15 Days/14 Nights

Cost: $1145.00 per person

Host/Course Coordinator: Dr. Paul Beaver, Ph.D., Indian Shores, Florida

Topics Covered:
*Tropical Rainforest Ecology
*Conservation and Land Management=20
*Indian Culture

*Amazon River
*Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Biological Reserve-included by Audubon Magazine on
its=92 list of top 50 ecologically based tour destinations in the world
(Sep/Oct 1998)
*Fourteen primate species      =20
*Evening cruise on the Tahuayo River=20
*Pink freshwater dolphins of Charro Lake=20
*Caiman Lake
*Jungle community of Santa Ana=20
*Giant lilypads of Barbasco Lake
*Local Shaman "good luck-good health" ceremony=20
*Rainforest canopy experience
*Camping on the interior of the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve
*Local Indian village market
*Post-Course extension to the Gal=E1pagos Islands and/or Cuzco and the
Lost City of the Incas-Machu Picchu=20

                           SOUTHEAST ALASKA

Length: 14 Days/13 Nights

Cost: $995.00

Host/Course Coordinator: David Berg, Petersburg, Alaska
Topics Covered:
*Temperate Rainforest and Marine Ecology
*Conservation and Land Management
*Marine Mammals
*Indian Cultures
*Russian History

*White-water rafting on the Sauk River in Washington state
*Cascade Mountain Range=20
*Inside Passage of southeast Alaska=20
*Petroglyph Beach=20
*Sea kayaking
*Whale watching in Frederick Sound=20
*LeConte glacier=20
*Camping in temperate rainforest=20
*Starrigavan Bay estuary and near-shore tide pools
*Harbor Mountain-Gavan Hill Trail hike and camp  =20
*Mount Edgecumbe hike and camp
*Tlingit Native dancing and cultural experience
*Sitka Historical Park
*Sheldon Jackson Museum and its=92 collection of Native artifacts
*Sage Science Center and fish hatchery
*Sitka Raptor Rehabilitation Center



        Rainforest and Reef Conservation Fund 501(c)(3) non-profit=20
         29 Prospect NE Suite #8 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 USA
 Phone: (616) 776-5928/Fax: (616) 776-5931/E-Mail: rainforest at mail.org

                        WORKSHOP DATES 1999*=20

Number Course by order of preference with #1 being your first choice.
Spaces are filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Please be aware
that Courses are popular and may fill quickly. It is recommended that
you register as early as possible.

BELIZE: 14 D/13 N         Jun 15-28_____   Jul 13-26_____  Aug 3-16_____=20

COSTA RICA: 12 D/11 N     Jun 14-25_____   Jul 12-23_____  Aug 9-20_____

HONDURAS: 14 D/13 N       Jun 10-23_____    Jul 8-21_____  Aug 5-18_____=20

PANAMA: 14 D/13 N         Jun 12-25_____   Jul 10-23_____  Aug 7-20_____=20

ECUADOR: 14 D/13 N        Jun 17-30_____   Jul 15-28_____  Aug 4-17_____

PERU**: 15 D/14 N Jun 26-Jul 10_____  Jul 10-24_____  Jul 24-Aug 7 _____=20

**Our Peru Workshop can be offered to individuals and groups on most
Saturdays throughout the year.

SE ALASKA: 14 D/13 N        Jun 17-30_____  Jul 4-17_____ Jul 18-31_____

*Other dates throughout the year are available upon request

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