Angiosperm phylogeny

Julian Robinson julian.robinson at PLANT-SCIENCES.OXFORD.AC.UK
Thu Apr 15 09:53:57 CDT 1999

I've been reading the recent paper by the 'Angiosperm Phylogeny
Group' concerning the ordinal classification of flowering plants ( in
Ann Miss Bot Gard 85).
This level of taxonomy is not an area which I know a great deal about, so I
can't judge the papers merits or strengths. However, I be interested
in  how the paper has been received by the taxonomic community in
general. So if anyone knows of a reveiw of the paper or has a humble
opinion to share I would be interested.
I guess no-one has rearranged there Herbariums yet!
many thanks,

Dr J. Robinson,
Dept. of Plant Sciences,
University of Oxford,
Oxford OX1 3RB.

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