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Tim Lowrey tlowrey at UNM.EDU
Mon Apr 19 10:59:16 CDT 1999

>To have a vote at the nomenclatural meetings, a herbarium must be an
>institutional member of IAPT.  This also entitles it to discounts on the
>Regnum Vegetabile series.  I believe that the number of votes is related
>either to the number of staff members or the number of specimens and may be
>as many as 5.  It is also my understanding that if two herbaria are
>physcially combined but keep their own identity membership in IAPT, then
>each is considered separately in allocating votes.  Subsets within a
>herbarium (bryological herbarium, mycological herbarium) are not eligible
>for votes even if the herbarium as a whole has multiple memberships in IAPT.
>Would a member of the nomenclatural committee care to provide exact
>information?  The above are simply odds and ends that I have picked up
>along the way - and may well be inaccurate.
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It is NOT at all necessary to be an institutional member of IAPT.

The link provided by Gerrit Davidse provides good info. about the subject.
Institutions that cannot send representatives to the IBC Nomenclatural
sessions can delegate their proxy to another institution as I did for the
Tokyo meetings. I do believe there is a limit to the number of proxies any
one institution can vote but I'm not sure about this.
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