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Mon Apr 19 20:37:46 CDT 1999

Gerhard Haszprunar wrote:
> could anyone kindly provide me with one or more actual references=20
> concerning the problem of coding inapplicable characters in cladistic >=
 analysis, particular in outgroups? - I know only the =B4classic=B4 one b=
y > Platnick et al. (1991) "On missing entries in cladistic analysis" in=20
> Cladistics 7: 337-343. Many thanks in advance for your help.

I would suggest the following:
- Maddison, W. (1993) "Missing data versus missing characters in
phylogenetic analysis" Syst. Biol.  42(4): 576-581
- Nixon, K. and Davis, J. (1991) "Polymorphic taxa, missing values and
cladistic analysis" Cladistics 7: 233-241
- Wilkinson, M. (1995) "Arbitrary resolutions, missing entries, and the
problem of zero-length branches in parsimony analysis" Syst. Biol.
44(1): 108-111
- Wilkinson, M. (1995) "Coping with abundant missing entries in
phylogenetic inference using parsimony" Syst. Biol. 44(4): 501-514

Surely also check Kitching, Forey, Humphries and Williams (1998)
"Cladistics. Second edition. The theory and practice of parsimony
analysis" (Oxford University Press), an invaluable book which I even
continued reading when floating on the Dead Sea.


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