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Download free evaluation copy.

BookWhere? is a powerful software package that runs on the Microsoft Windows
Operating System and allows the user to search remote databases for
published material of interest.

Link to this site is available on in the directory
<Software house>.

Hundreds of library catalogues and other types of information databases can
be searched via the Internet using BookWhere? The software comes with a
pre-configured list of available hosts and databases making access to this
universe of information easy and convenient.

The Essential Research Tool

SINGLE INTERFACE: This single interface is your window on global libraries.
BROADCAST SEARCHING: Fast, direct, simultaneous access to remote databases.
COMPREHENSIVE SOURCES: Select library catalogues from built in lists
organized by name, location or type.
HYPERLINK SEARCHES: Hyperlink to a second level search directly from
retrieved records.
ANALYZE RESULTS: Customize the analysis window for grouping records by
various keys. Jump to a subset instantly.
EASY TO USE: Easy-to-use Windows-based interface.
EXPORT RECORDS: Supports ALL popular bibliographic citation management
packages. Transfer records directly to ProCite and Reference Manager.
MARC RECORDS: Supports the display and export of MARC records for use in
library automation systems

link to this site is available on directory <Software

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