Aleksandar Krapez sasa at TURING.MI.SANU.AC.YU
Tue Apr 6 12:05:39 CDT 1999

Dear friends,

I will try to give short and not too political answers to your questions.

1. You are talking to someone who opposed Milosevic's politics for more
than 10 years. I did rise my voice on many occasions, in particular after
bombing of Dubrovnik (in that particular case with about 50 other people
from Beograd).

2. I hinted on my concern of people, Albanians included. Ask yourself:
who pulled out observers from Kosovo? I also doubt that what you heard
of what is happening inside Kosovo is complete truth. There is too much
propaganda from both sides.

3. The facts are:
- Kosovo is legally part of Yugoslavia.
- The bombing is done without the approval of UN
- It is also against NATO charter
- It is also against constitutions of several countries involved.

I will answer separately to all who send me a message and will not
bother the list any more.

A. Krapez

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