Bryophyte Flora of North America, March posting

Barbara M. Thiers bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Tue Apr 6 09:16:55 CDT 1999

     The March,1999 posting to the Bryophyte Flora of North America site
     ( includes:

     1. New Treatments: Haplomitriaceae, Chonecoleaceae, Timmiaceae,
     Forsstroemia (Leptodontaceae), Leptodon (Leptodontaceae),
     Leptopterigynandrum (Leskeaceae), Conardia (Amblystegiaceae), Bestia
     (Brachytheciaceae), Pterogonium (Brachytheciaceae), Gollania

     2. Distribution maps for treatments posted February, 1999, plus
     all new treatments except Timmia (to be posted in April)

     3. Updates to list of authors and treatment assignments; links to
     treatments added from list of list of authors, moss classification
     and hepatic classification.

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