English in taxonomy

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Wed Apr 7 12:05:31 CDT 1999

Dear colleagues,

 About two weeks ago, I posted a request about scientific English,
 and not about Latin.

 Due to my own effort, I found in the internet a resource containing
 "Strunck's elements of style" (Or similar, I don't have the link
  available on this computer)

 The book, however, dates back to 1918. So, I would like to know whether
 I can assimilate all suggestions made in this book, or whether I should
 look for a more modern source.

 There is also the CBE-style-manual (Council of biology editors, University
 of California, if I'm right.)
 We do have this CBE-style-manual in the library of physics in Sao Paulo.
 But, I guess, it would be more convenient to have a look on it online.
 Is there any possibility?

       Yours,   Thomas

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