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Walter Boeger wboeger at BIO.UFPR.BR
Fri Apr 9 18:14:50 CDT 1999

 Dear all,
> > Is this journal editor atypical? Would you as referee approve an
> > with this sentence: "We observed differences among the three species ...
> > although significant changes ... only occurred in [genus name] and
> > name]."?

 Nope!  Especially in the case of experimental papers...  depending on the
 factors being evaluated in the experiment there could easily be
 significative differences even among closely related species.

 This reminds me a major problem (in  my opinion) seem in other "major"
 journals.  Some people is allowed to use the specific epithet alone to
 to certain species...  Even if it is often evident (considering the whole
 paper) which species is one talking about, where does the  Article 5 of the
 code go in this case?


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