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Michael L.Grieneisen aen at SCIREF.ORG
Wed Apr 14 11:30:57 CDT 1999

Dear Taxacom recipients:

Scientific Reference Resources is pleased to announce the inauguration of
a new *monthly* publication: "New Entomological Taxa".  Several major changes
have been instituted since the prototype issue was produced last November,
as explained below. You may view the first issue at the SRR website:

"New Entomological Taxa" is a catalogue of new species, other new taxa, and
nomenclature changes which are published involving Arachnida, Acari, Insecta
and Myriapoda, and the parasites, pathogens and symbionts of these arthropod
groups.  It is available in printed and Internet versions, and you may
subscribe to one of eight taxonomic sections at a fraction of the cost of
the full edition.

"New Entomological Taxa" offers *the most rapid access* to the taxonomic literature, most of which is NOT covered by Current Contents.  The first
issue provides full indexing of all new taxa (including over 400 new species) and nomenclature changes in 180 articles published from 1 to 28 February 1999,
and lists the titles of over 100 articles to be indexed in the next issue,
all of which were published between 1 and 25 March 1999.  [Many more March
articles have been located since the deadline for that listing.]

"New Entomological Taxa" now covers over 700 journals and book series which
are likely to publish new taxa (including new fossil taxa) of arachnids,
acari, insects, myriapods, or their microbial, fungal or invertebrate parasites
and pathogens.  This number is still growing rapidly, primarily through
exchange agreements.  The current list of journal and book series titles
covered is posted at:

"New Entomological Taxa" is a *very inexpensive* source of such information
-- subscriptions start at $25 per year (that's $2 per monthly issue!) for a
personal subscription to the Internet version of any one of the eight
taxonomic sections.  Complete subscription details are posted at:

I hope that you find "New Entomological Taxa" to be a useful and affordable
source of current information on new taxa and nomenclature changes in the
entomological arthropod groups.  If you have any questions or comments
regarding this new publication, please contact me at your convenience.


Dr. Michael L. Grieneisen
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