Biogeographic units and classsification

Ron Kaneen rkaneen at ISLAND.NET
Mon Apr 26 15:11:05 CDT 1999

As a recent undergraduate student studying biology and geography I wish to
add my voice to this discussion.

In Canada, the way biogeographic units are classified is by a method
developed by Dr. Krajina back in the 1960s.  Each province and territory
has its own specific units called biogeoclimatic zones.  The zone itself is
classified by the *climax vegetation* for the area (eg CDF = Costal
Douglas-Fir).  Each zone is divided into 1 or more subzones based on
precipitation and mean temperature (eg mm = moist, maritime; xs = very dry
(xeric), submaritime).  Each zone may also be divided into two variants (1
and 2) but not always.

Again these units may be arbitrary, but it is one of likely many
classification systems for biogeoclimatic units.

Colin Kaneen

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