Island-hopping lizards

Dr. Nigel Barker barker at RHOBOT.RU.AC.ZA
Thu Apr 29 11:29:35 CDT 1999

Hi all

I while back I read a newspaper article (in the science pages) on a
study conducted on a lizard / gecko species (apologies to the
herpetologists - I am not sure of the group) that had co-migrated
with the polynesian people as they sailed across the Pacific by
stowing away on their ships. The essence of the study (as far as I
recall) was to determine the genetic diversity of the lizards, and
this was in turn used to demonstrat that the human disapora had been
rapid, rather than slow.

Question: Can anybody provide me with the complete reference of this
work? Please reply to my personal email. Many thanks.


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