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Thu Apr 1 11:39:56 CST 1999

Museum of Zoology Insect Division
Vial Racks for Sale

Go to http://insects.ummz.lsa.umich.edu/vialracks.html  for the web page
with photos.

We are in the process of moving to 4-dram vials with Polyseal caps, and are
therefore replacing our 3- dram vial racks with new ones that accomodate
the larger diameter vials. Unfortunately, this leaves us with hundreds of
vial racks that we can no longer use. We know that commercially-made vial
racks are fairly expensive. In order to reduce our accumulating pile of old
racks and to help finance our move to the larger size, we are making our
old vial racks available at a very minimum price.
Our vial racks are produced by the Ruthven Museums Shop to our
specifications. The old racks were usually made from sugar pine or
top-quality spruce and birch plywood. The pieces are nailed and glued. The
racks measure 16.75 inches long by 3 inches high (at the end) and 1.125
inches wide. Each rack holds about 20 3-dram vials. Most vial racks are in
excellent appearance.
Price: $2.00 each, not including shipping. If you order 50 racks, then the
discounted price is $75. Shipping will be by UPS, and of course, will vary
by the number of racks shipped.

<10 racks = $5.00
10 - 20 = $8.00
21-30 = #12.00
30 - 49 = $15.00
50 or more = $20.00
Orders are on a first-ordered first choice basis. If you wish to pick up
the racks instead of having them shipped to you, that is certainly
appreciated and encouraged.
Make your check payable to the University of Michigan. Indicate how many
vial racks you want and add the shipping cost. Checks or Money orders only.
Do not send cash, Purchase Orders or Credit Card orders. Make sure that
your shipping address is clearly stated.

Send your order to:
Mark O'Brien
Museum of Zoology, Insect Division
1109 Geddes Avenue
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079

Mark F. O'Brien   Collections Coordinator & Webmeister
UMMZ Insect Division, 1109 Geddes Avenue
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079
734-647-2199    fax: 734-763-4080    mfobrien at umich.edu
Michigan Odonata Survey:http://insects.ummz.lsa.umich.edu/

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