Voice of concern re war in the Balkans

Aleksandar Krapez sasa at TURING.MI.SANU.AC.YU
Mon Apr 5 15:24:46 CDT 1999

Dear friends, dear 'enemies',

It is a tenth day that bombs are falling on Yugoslavia. People are killed,
bridges and factories are ruined, cities are burning. You were told that
NATO is doing this to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. It is a lie --
NATO is just making things worse and trying to find an excuse to
escalate the war.

But there is also a damage neither side counts. Rare and endangered species
of plants, animals and fungi are threatened, unique habitats are
destroyed, natural reserves damaged.

Please voice your concern. Of the lives of the people of Yugoslavia --
Serbs, Albanians and others. Of the lives of NATO soldiers who are
flying over, and about to invade Yugoslavia. Of the beautiful nature
of Yugoslavia which is the most inocent victim of this futile and
irresponsible war.

Please write to your friend / colleague / media / political representative /
president. Ask them to do their best to stop the aggression and return to the
political process in the settlement of the Kosovo problem.

Thank you

Beograd, 05.04.1999.

                                                            Dr A. Krapez
                                               Matematicki institut SANU

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