insulting note re Balkans

Wed Apr 7 04:34:28 CDT 1999

Yesterday one of the members of this list send me off-list
a long, vitriolic message condemning me for my posting
yesterday concerning the Balkans. This person accused
me of frivolity, of poking fun at the situation. I have
rarely been so hurt and angry at a letter. Did anyone
else think I was joking? I do admit that on a few
rare occasions in the past, I have chosen to inject
a little humor into my messages, but yesterday was not
such an occasion. For personal reasons, I feel an
emotional connection myself to the Balkans, and have
been upset for weeks over the tragedy unfolding ther.
   For the record, I recieve the daily digest of taxacom,
not the individual postings. Thus when I sent my note
yesterday, I had seen only the first posting by our
colleague from the Balkans, not the second. I might
have reacted differently if I had read the second.

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere

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