insulting note re Balkans

Douglas M. Fields forhaven at MAIL.TDS.NET
Thu Apr 8 00:25:20 CDT 1999

> Yesterday one of the members of this list send me off-list
> a long, vitriolic message condemning me for my posting
> yesterday concerning the Balkans. This person accused
> me of frivolity, of poking fun at the situation. I have
> rarely been so hurt and angry at a letter. Did anyone
> else think I was joking? I do admit that on a few
> rare occasions in the past, I have chosen to inject
> a little humor into my messages, but yesterday was not
> such an occasion. For personal reasons, I feel an
> emotional connection myself to the Balkans, and have
> been upset for weeks over the tragedy unfolding ther.

Although I have subscribed to Taxacom for quite some time, this is the
first time I have posted.

Regarding your post on the Balkans war: I saw not a trace of frivolity
nor "poking fun" at anyone.  In fact, I thought your words were exactly
what the situation called for.  From your posts I know you to be a kind
man, one who would never joke about this exceedingly tragic war.

Douglas Fields

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