Ph.D. Studentship on Polygalaceae of Australia

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Ph.D. Studentship:  Systematics of Australian Polygalaceae

The Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, including the Australian
National Herbarium, is a collaborative research centre formed between CSIRO
Plant Industry and the Australian National Botanic Garden, Environment
Australia.  The Centre's research program covers a wide range of activities
aimed at documenting, classifying and conserving Australia's flora.

To promote these aims, we are now offering the following position:

PHD STUDENTSHIP: Systematics of Australian Polygalaceae

Term: 3 years, subject to satisfactory progress

A Post-Graduate Scholarship funded by ABRS (Australian Biological Resources
Study) and placed in CSIRO Plant Industry and the Australian National
Herbarium is available for research in plant systematics of Australian

The successful applicant will be expected to:

1.      have primary interest in, and commitment to, collection-based research
in systematic botany,

2.      be familiar with, or be keen to learn, a range of systematic methods and
techniques (e.g. comparative, morphological, molecular, cytogenetic,
phylogenetic and historical biogeographic analyses) in their research, and

3.      have interest and experience in field work

He/she will develop a research program/project with a mix of morphological
and molecular studies to work on the Australian Polygalaceae.  The
Polygalaceae (in the broad sense including the Xanthophyllaceae) are a
family of approximately 15 genera and 1000 species distributed throughout
the world. Five genera (41-66 species) including Polygala, Comesperma,
Muraltia, Salomonia, and Xanthophyllum, occur in Australia. The ultimate
intention is to revise the taxonomy and provide a new treatment of the
family Polygalaceae for the Flora of Australia.  This includes assessing the
generic status of Comesperma and Salomonia, which have been suggested as
being congeneric with the South American genus Bredemeyera and south-east
Asian genus Epirixanthes, respectively.  Detailed outline of the project can
be found at:

The student will be required to enrol and be accepted for a PhD in the
Australian National University, Canberra.  Research will be carried out at
the Australian National Herbarium, Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
under the supervision of Dr Randall Bayer.  Dr Bayer may be contacted for
further details on (02) 6246 5514, or email r.bayer at

Dr. Randall J. Bayer,
Principal Research Scientist,
CSIRO - Plant Industry,
Australian National Herbarium,
GPO Box 1600, Canberra, ACT, 2601

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