Stipoid Systematists

Mary Barkworth mary at BIOSERVER.VSB.USU.EDU
Thu Apr 22 17:46:01 CDT 1999

There will be a work shop on the development of a monographic treatment of
the Stipeae held at the Intermountain Herbarium, Logan, Utah, on August
12-13.  It is timed to allow travel by van from St. Louis to Logan after
the Congress, looking at and collecting stipoid grasses on the way.  The
purpose of the work shop is to develop a strategy for broader and more
effective collaboration among those interested in the tribe. It will be led
by Drs. Surrey Jacobs and Mary Barkworth.  If anyone working on the Stipeae
is interested in participating in the field trip and workshop, please
contact me, Mary Barkworth (addresses below) for further information.

Mary Barkworth, Intermountain Herbarium
Department of Biology, Utah State University,
Logan, Utah 84322-5305
Voice: 435-797-1584 FAX: 435-797-1575

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