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Dear all:

Here is the information provided by Prof. Greuter, the secretary of
regarding Herbaria votes in the Nomenclatural Sessions:

"First of all, it is not correct that all institutes listed in Index
Herbariorum are entitled to an institutional vote in nomenclature
matters. Prior to each International Botanical Congress, a list of
institutions entitled to vote, and of the respective numbes of votes
(1 to 7) is drawn up by the Bureau of Nomenclature and submitted for
ratification to the General Committee on Botanical Nomenclature, in
conformity with what is specified in Division III of the Code. This
list is based on the list for the previous Congress and takes into
account changes in the holdings and scientific activity of herbaria
during the foregoing 6 years."

"All institutions entitled to vote have been notified by airmail
letter of their voting rights in the second half of January. The
letters were addressed to the Director of the Herbarium, the
addresses being kindly provided by Pat Holmgren, produced directly
from the IH databas."

Here is Prof. Greuter's contact information:

Werner Greuter
Professor Werner Greuter
Botanischer Garten & Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem
D-14191 Berlin
wg at


Alina Freire Fierro


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