FINAL CALL for the 5th Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology in Umea (Sweden) the 24-26 of March 1999

Marcus Drotz masdrz95 at STUDENT.UMU.SE
Sun Feb 7 18:59:54 CST 1999

Final call for =935th Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology=93 in
Umea (Sweden) the 24-26 of March 1999

The registration deadline is the 19th of February. If you have made a
preliminary registration with just your name, remember to submit your=
before the 19th of February if you are giving a presentation (oral or=

The meeting has three primary goals:
1. To bring postgraduate students together from different fields of
Evolutionary Biology, in order to present their work (preliminary or not)=
to discuss current topics of Evolution.=20
2. To give participants who have little or no experience in oral=
in front of an international audience a pedagogical feedback from=
of communication.=20
3. To have a social program where contacts between participants from=
countries are encouraged in a cold and interesting environment.=20

At the moment 71 persons have registered to the meeting. The evolutionary
fields, so far represented, ranges from protein evolution to the population
structure of Buffaloes. If you don=92t have any results to present you can
present and get feedback on your planned work.

If you have any questions concerning the meeting and you can=92t find the=
on our homepage ( just send us an=

Questions concerning travels within Umea or travel grants:
E-mail to: perstg96 at

Questions concerning registration or accommodation:
E-mail to: masdrz95 at

Questions concerning program or the timetable:
E-mail to: Katarina.Winka at

All other questions:
E-mail to: hora at

Also if you can=92t find your name on the homepage after you have registered=
you have not got a confirmation on a travel grant application just send any=
us an E-mail.

Be well and see you in Umea,

The organising committee


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Visit the homepage of the 5th Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary
Biology, 24-26 March 1999 in Ume=E5, Sweden.

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