help (Col.)Scarabaeidae identification

Schoolmeesters Paul schoolp at GLO.BE
Mon Feb 15 17:18:41 CST 1999

Excuse me for cross posting.

Dear entomo and taxacom-netters,

On vacation in Nepal I collected some Scarabaeidae, for one of them I am not
able to
determinate it.

I have only two specimens so I would prefer not to send these to anyone for

I have created a small homepage with some pictures.

The species is 5 mm in length and probably belongs to the Aphodiini, but
with the
literature and reference collection at my disposal, it is impossible to
place it even
in a genus or subgenus.

You can have a look at the pictures at following homepage:

If anybody can help me, respond directly to me not to the list.

Thank you for the help and patience.

Paul Schoolmeesters
Langeveldstraat, 23
B-3020 Herent
e-mail: schoolp at

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